What We Do

Terry Legal Solutions, LLC is “More Than A Law Firm”- our experience and services offered extend beyond legal advocacy. We provide strategic counseling and planning for the events of life and business that do not involve a dispute, but still require the sound advice of legal counsel.

For example:

  • Sometimes you need a professional ‘sounding board’ to help take your business ideas to the next level or strategize next steps;
  • Perhaps you are a proactive employer who wants to ensure your business is in compliance with wage and labor regulations and anti-discrimination laws;
  • You want the assurance that your company employee manuals, procedures, internal investigations, severance agreements, and non-disclosure agreements are airtight;
  • Your nonprofit or religious organization may have organizational documents that have not been reviewed or properly utilized for far too many years;
  • You have been presented with a contract or agreement and you want to understand your rights and options to proceed;
  • You have remarried and do not know how to leave an inheritance to your children and grandchildren, yet also provide for your new spouse.

At Terry Legal Solutions, LLC we are more than an aggressive advocate- we implement our sound legal knowledge and business acumen to counsel and advise as well. Your comfort and success is OUR success!