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11 Mistakes Made in Estate Planning

  1. Not having a Will, Medical Directives, Power of Attorney, or Guardian Designation at all!!
  2. Not regularly reviewing and updating the estate plan you made the time and investment to have created.
  3. Failing to address second (or more) marriages and/or blended family considerations.
  4. Thinking a “Power of Attorney” is the same as a “Medical Directive”.
  5. Contradicting Will designations and Beneficiary form designations.
  6. Choosing an Executor or Guardian for the wrong reasons.
  7.  Overlooking funeral expenses and final arrangements.
  8.  Relying on Co-Ownership of Property to Avoid Probate.
  9. Forgetting about your Digital property and assets.
  10. Procrastinating.
  11. Not seeking professional advice.

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