At Terry Legal Solutions, LLC we utilize our knowledge, experience, and business acumen to counsel and advise multi-generational families, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organization.

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Attorney Stacey Terry is ready to give counsel and provide strategic solutions to your legal affairs today.

Estate Planning & Business Law

Entrust your Estate Planning and Business Law matters to a firm that values effective advocacy as much as building longstanding, professional relationships. When Attorney Stacey L.

Terry created Terry Legal Solutions, she envisioned a firm that accomplished more than churning billable hours and boilerplate documents.

She developed a legal practice that fosters an environment of comfortable, unrushed conversations, and provides ‘down-to-earth’ counsel.

When you engage Terry Legal Solutions, you are choosing an attorney who partially defines her success by your comfort and relief. Hire the attorney who genuinely wants to take the time to listen, explain, and provide thorough solutions to your unique needs.

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    Meet Attorney Stacey L. Terry

    I founded Terry Legal Solutions in the belief that legal representation and protection should be a personalized and accessible service to hard working people and smaller businesses who have substantive legal concerns. My years of practicing Management Employment Law and business law in international law firms laid the groundwork for me to now share my skills and talent with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits located in DC and all parts of Maryland. I count it an opportunity and blessing to be able to provide legal representation to members of my community!

    I am a wife, mother of four, and caregiver to an aging parent. These experiences equip me with the unique ability to patiently and compassionately assist my clients with effective incapacity and estate planning, and estate administration.
    Essentially, I have harnessed my professional experience and personal experiences to create a firm that takes the time to hear your story, help you execute your vision, and ultimately provide personalized solutions to your estate planning and business needs!

    Yours in service,

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